Church Planting Essentials – Understanding Transition Points

Church Planting Essentials – Understanding Transition Points

There are five major transition points that a church planter must manage well.  Each transition point is a place where the church plant can fail before it has the opportunity to become a fully functional church.  Understanding these transition points and being prepared to address these points as they arise can help the church planter be more successful and experience less stress.
The five transition points are:

  1. Access – moving into the community in such a way that you are an accepted stranger.
  2. Finding the Person of Peace – finding that spiritually oriented person in the community who will accept you as a spiritual person and present you as an acceptable outsider to the community.
  3. Moving from just a personal relationship with the Person of Peace to facilitating a Discovery Bible Study that helps a group or family to discover God, their need for Him, and how to place their faith in Him.
  4. Facilitate a group of new Believers to become a faithful and obedient Body of Christ.
  5. It’s time to leave.

In the coming weeks I will address these issues.  If you have other transition issues you would like for me to address, please send them to me by clicking here.


David Watson
Irving, Texas

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