Church Planting Essentials – Critical Elements

Church Planting Essentials – Critical Elements

After the Webinar on April 3, there were requests for the Critical Elements of a Church Planting Movement.  Please find following the list.  Foundational for this list is the Group Process, when provides group memory and group accountability which causes the system to be self-correcting and protects against heresy. 

As soon as we can get the seminar video edited it will be posted on our website.  This is more than six hours of video.  We will also post the Power Point presentations that are referred to in the video and Webinar. 

David Watson
San Jose, CA

1.  Prayer 

— Prayer is the starting point for all ministry – know the mind of God and join Him in His work 

2.  Scripture 

— Scripture is foundational and the source of all teaching and preaching.  

— Scripture → Principle → Practice
3.  Households/“families”

— Focus on households/”families”, not individuals. 

— Households include non-related people living together as family. 

4.  Disciples 

— Make Disciples, not converts.  

— Converts focus on religion.  Disciples focus on Jesus. 

5.  Teach Obedience 

— Teach Obedience to the Word, not doctrine. 

— Doctrine is our church’s teaching from the Bible.  It may be highly interpretive, and may not consider the full counsel of the Bible. 

6.  Access Ministries 

— Access Ministries open the door for Church Planting and lead to community transformation. 

— Ministry should precede evangelism and evangelism must always be the end result of ministry.  Timing is important and necessary. 

7.  Plan/Be Intentional 

— Plan your work and work your plan – Be intentional in Access Ministry, Prayer, Scripture, Appropriate Evangelism and Church Planting 

8.  Man of Peace 

— Start with the Man of Peace or an existing relationship that will permit a Discovery Bible Study or Witness 

9.  Appropriate Evangelism 

— Evangelism is an intentional calling to a family to study the Word of God in order to move from not knowing God to falling in Love with Him through Jesus Christ.  The primary method used is the Discover Bible Study in relationship with maturing believers.  This makes Disciples, not Converts. 

10.  Communities of Believers (church) 

— Form new believers into minimum Biblical practice groups that will become Communities of Believers (churches) who transform communities 

11.  Reaching Out (Missions) 

— Reaching Out to “ALL” segments of society becomes a part of the group DNA as a result of obedience to the Great Commission (missions) 

12.  Reproducing 

— Reproducing disciples, leaders, groups and churches becomes a part of the group DNA 

13.  Inside Leaders 

— Keep all things reproducible by Inside Leaders and directed/lead by Inside Leaders. 

14.  Authority & Holy Spirit 

— Authority of Scripture and the Holy Spirit are all that is needed to start.  Church Planting is an act of God through His Spirit and His people who are obedient to the Word and the Spirit. 

15.  Persecution 

— Persecution is part of being a Christian.  In pioneer work it is expected and response is trained. 

16.  Educating/ Teaching  Training/ Coaching  Equipping/ Mentoring 

— Discipleship and Leadership Education and Training are “on the job,” continuous and primarily through mentoring. This builds communities that hold each other accountable for obedience to the Word of God.  Education increases Knowledge.  Training increases skill sets primarily through coaching.  Equipping increases capacity through mentoring relationships. 

17.  Outside Leaders 

— Outside leaders Model, Equip, Watch, and Leave.  Outside leaders introduce new concepts that are contextualized by inside leaders. 

18.  Self-supporting 

— Self-supporting, local leaders start and sustain all work – including groups, fellowships, and churches.  Self-supporting may mean the worker has a job or business.  This improves access and breaks down the barriers between clergy and laity. 

19.  Redeem Local Culture (Embrace the Local Culture) 

— Do not import external culture, but redeem local culture by embracing all you Biblically can in a culture and transforming/redeeming the rest. 

20.  Spiritual Conflict/Warfare 

— In areas where the Gospel has never been preached, or in areas where traditional religions have reigned for a significant amount of time, it is not unusual to find those engaging in CPM activities confronted by Spiritual Conflicts that range from annoying to life-threatening. 

— Living in obedience is the best preparation for Spiritual Warfare. 

— One does not have to seek out Spiritual Warfare when planting churches.  It will find the one doing the church planting.

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