Reaching the Online Generation

Reaching the Online Generation

1.3 billion People use the Internet globally.  What you may not know is the distribution of this use.  530 million live in Asia; 383 million in Europe; 246 million in North America; 137 million in Latin America/Caribbean; 51 million in Africa; 42 million in the Middle East; and 19 million in Oceana/Australia.  (Internet World Stats)  There are 6.7 billion people on our planet.  (World PopClock)  This means that about 20% of the global population has access to the Internet, of which, about half of these people live in limited or restricted access nations where it is difficult for us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ openly and/or effectively.  How will we reach this Online Generation? 
The Internet provides varying degrees of access to many populations that are difficult to reach by traditional means.  Even in societies where the expression of one’s religious beliefs it relatively free, it is becoming more difficult to publically express ones beliefs or to share one’s faith meaningfully.   

Yet, millions of people every year go to the Internet to find answers to their spiritual questions.   Who is God?’ was the third most sentence googled in 2007, according to Google Zeitgeist.

I am involved in an initiative to reach the Online Generation.  Check out  We will be exploring how to begin communities of faith in the online environment.  Have any ideas or experience in this area?  Let us hear from you.


David Watson
Irving, TX

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