Dallas Training Event – Your Invitation

Dallas Training Event – Your Invitation

I just came back from a meeting of trainers from around the world who are using simple Biblical principles and methods to see lost people become disciples of Jesus and groups of believers formed into churches that then reach new people and start new churches. Stories came of breakthroughs in Central and South America, Europe, the USA, India, China,  Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

I was struck by how the vast majority of the impact is coming from “normal” people, not the paid missionaries or pastors.

We are having a 3 day intro training Oct 15-17 in the Dallas area with some trainers from around the world, three of whom have directly seen this approach work in the USA. It is called “Church Planting Movement” training, but it could be called training on “how Jesus gave all of us simple and effective ways to reach lost people so they can reach more lost people – if we could just avoid letting our traditions get in the way.”

We can guarantee that you will be glad you came to the training. If not, we will refund your money. You will leave with some very practical ways you can immediately apply what you have learned and begin training other people in the same Biblical principles and methods. Your registration fee will also include a year of ongoing consulting as you continue to learn and apply.

You can register online at www.cpmtr.org/?q=node/56  You can also call 214.668.3500 The deadline for registration is September 15th. 
Please feel free to share this invitation with others who may be interested.

More details follow. 


David Watson
From Mexia, TX
WHY: Greetings! Someone identified you as a church planter or church planter catalyst focused on transforming your mission field.
We would like to invite you to be part of what could be a life-changing and eternity changing training and implementation process to see a CPM among the people you serve!
Church Planting Movements (CPMs) are rapidly multiplying churches planting churches that are turning people groups, cities, and nations upside down as people are taught to obey Christ’s commands and follow His strategies and as a result every believer and every church is taking responsibility for making disciples next door and to the ends of the earth.
WHAT: This training event contains tracks specifically designed for church planting practitioners and CPM Trainers. The training will be highly interactive and very practical and immediately reproducible as you seek to train your other team members and partners. The 3 day introductory training will start you on a process of learning this material and our coaching team will be ready to coach you afterwards in further training and implementation.
Course: A Biblical Theology and Practical Leadership Process for Church Planting Movements
Course Description: This course will ground Church Planting Practitioners and CPM trainers in the Biblical foundational material for Church Planting Movements, including Biblical ecclesiology, discipleship and missiology, leadership development, access ministries, discovery Bible Studies; and will help leadership develop a replication process for leadership, small groups, and churches.
Course Objectives:
1. To lead Church Planters and CPM trainers in the process of discovering and developing their own Biblical Theology for CPM.
2. To lead Church Planters and CPM trainers in developing a simple Bible Study and teaching method that can be easily replicated in any CP environment.
3. To lead Church Planters and CPM trainers in understanding the elements of CPM that must be in place in order for self-replicating churches and CPM to happen.
4. To lead CPM trainers in beginning to look at their assignments from a strategic point of view, and communicate strategies in such a way that grassroots church planters can implement local planning.
5. To allow Church Planters, CPM trainers and leaders from various cultural backgrounds to share their experiences and learn from each other.
6. To take away a basic understanding of Church Planting and CPM that will work in urban or rural areas regardless of culture.
7. To begin developing the ability to adapt materials for specific cultural settings.
8. To lead Church Planters and CPM trainers to make a personal commitment to Obedience Based Discipleship, Leadership, and Living.
9. To develop a leadership foundation based on replication of leadership, small groups, and churches.
WHEN: Oct 15th 8 am through October 17th 6 pm.
WHO: This event is being sponsored by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Impact Indonesia, Global Connection Partnership Network, Mission to Unreached Peoples, and First Baptist Richardson – who is also serving as the host of the event. Our training and coaching team is:
· David Watson is a leading global practitioner, researcher, and trainer of church planting movements. He has trained thousands of workers and coached hundreds of ministries throughout the world to greater success in planting churches among the most challenging, unreached people groups – including helping catalyze a CPM in India that has planted tens of thousands of churches and coached trainers who have catalyzed CPMs in India, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Central African Republic.
· Ricardo Pineda is originally from El Salvador and since 2000 has been serving in a challenging urban area in San Jose, California. They have been implementing CPM principles by teaching obedience and seeing the resulting planting of first, second, and third generation churches in this neighborhood and surrounding areas and have seen amazing transformation of these communities.
· Hermie Smit is originally from South Africa and leads CityTeam Family Services as they serve the poor with basic necessities like food, clothing, furniture, etc. to identify those who want to learn more about God and empower them to discover God through His Word and Christian fellowship. He has dedicated his life over the past 3 years to see a church planting movement happening in the San Francisco Bay Area and they are seeing the planting of first, second and third generation churches in this area.
· Joe Hernandez led in strategy development and in the development of the Church Planting System, now called Church Planting Process, which provides for the equipping of church planters and those that work with church planters in North America (particularly among Baptist churches). He is currently seeking to catalyze CPMs in North America in order to reduce LOSTNESS by envisioning, strategizing, equipping and nurturing others.
· Paul Watson is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to catalyze church planting movement among the English speaking members of the Online Generation. He also manages a global process of the conceptualizing, writing, translating and field testing of CPM Discovery Guides for church planters, new believers, new churches, and new leaders. Paul works with experienced CPM team to provide podcasts, manuals, and other electronic resources for CPM trainers and practitioners.
· Stan Parks was born in Indonesia to missionary parents and is the CPM facilitator for Ethne – a global network focused on Unreached People. He is currently training CPM trainers from across Africa and Asia and mainly in Southeast Asia as they begin to see the very first signs of gospel breakthrough among UPGs that have been unreached for thousands of years. He also helps with training and equipping of church planting for USA churches through Impact Indonesia and GCPN. First Baptist Richardson is his family’s home church.
WHERE: First Baptist Church, 1001 N. Central Expressway, Richardson TX 75080
· Lodging: Participants are responsible for their own sleeping arrangements. First Baptist Richardson can seek housing with church members pending availability with a priority for those who have traveled the furthest and/or have the greatest financial need.
· Meals: Attendees are responsible for breakfast and dinner arrangements. You will be provided with a listing of restaurants in the area upon registration. Simple lunches will be provided by First Baptist Church Richardson.
· Transportation: Conference attendees are responsible for all travel and transportation arrangements. DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field are both in the vicinity of Richardson.
· Cost: $100 non-refundable registration fee, $200 conference fee for a total of $300 US
· Registration: All conference attendees are required to fill out the registration application. Space is limited, so your application will be reviewed and you will be notified upon acceptance of your application. At that time, you will be invoiced via email for the nonrefundable, $100 registration fee. You can pay this invoice via Visa or Mastercard online. After we receive your registration fee, you will be issued another invoice for the balance of the conference fees. You can pay this invoice before arriving at the conference or upon arrival at the conference. You can register online http://www.cpmtr.org/?q=node/56. You can also call 214.668.3500 .

The deadline for registration is September 15th

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