Church Planting Essentials – Redefining Success in Church Planting

As a strategist and a coach of trainers of church planters I have to be very careful about when I declare success.  The easiest place to declare success is when I have transferred information regarding church planting.  I have helped develop a strategy and I have instructed the learner regarding what to do, therefore my job is over.  NOT!

Is a coach of a ball team considered a success when he has told his players how to play the game or what to do in certain situations during the game?  Of course not!  Success for a coach is found in his players being mentally and physically fit and healthy, playing the game with good sportsmanship, winning the game, winning more games, ultimately winning the season, and doing it again over and over each year.

So, as a strategist and coach of trainers of church planters how do I measure success and declare success?  I do not declare success until the following has happened:

1.       The trainers of church planters have been equipped using the Guided Discovery Bible Study: Church Planting.

2.       Trainers are deployed to focal areas.

3.       The trainers are equipping church planters to find Persons of Peace and coach the Person of Peace to start a church.

4.       The trainers are reproducing more trainers.

5.       Church planters have been deployed.

6.       The church planters have coached local Persons of Peace to plant local churches using the Guided Discovery Bible Study: Discovering God.

7.       Churches have been planted.

8.       Guided Discovery Bible Study: Obedience Based Discipleship is introduced to the new church.

9.       Church leaders have been trained using the Guided Discovery Bible Study: Discovering Leadership.

10.   Leaders are reproducing leaders.

11.   Churches are reproducing churches.

12.   There is now a Church Planting Movement (CPM)

Now, I can count success.


David Watson

From Honduras

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