My Charity of Choice – CityTeam Ministries

My Charity of Choice – CityTeam Ministries

I want to share with you my charity of choice.  Many of you know that I work with New Generations International.  What you may not know is that New Generations is the church planting division of CityTeam Minitries.  CityTeam Ministries is about meeting the needs of people is such a way that they become obedient disciples of Jesus Christ and new communities of Believers are formed as a result of transformed individuals, families, and communities.  My family and I have decreased our personal gift exchanges in order to be able to give more through CityTeam so that those who have lost their jobs, the homeless, and the poor will have what they need to survive this Christmas.  I invite you to join my family in giving to our charity of choice, CityTeam Ministries.  Check out, and then log on to

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

David and Jan Watson
Irving, Texas

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