Trip Report – UK, Borneo, Hong Kong

Trip Report – UK, Borneo, Hong Kong

Just a note to thank all you for praying for me during the past three weeks.  I began this trip in London working with a group who is starting a new Church Planting Network.  You may wonder why another network is needed.  Different communities relate to different networks.  This network will focus on existing churches and assist them in learning how to plant new churches.

The next week of my trip was spent in Borneo.  The purpose was to help churches who want to plant churches among tribal peoples.  We discussed our CPM methods and how they could receive training in these methods.

The last week was spent in Hong Kong with a group of successful urban CPM practitioners.  To qualify for this conference one had to have catalyzed the planting for more than 100 churches in the past three years and the work had to have three generations of churches planting churches.  I learned a lot during this conference that I will include in future posts.

For those of you who were following the Hong Kong conference via Twitter, thanks for the new experience.  I’m learning all these new tools.  Sorry for the abrupt end.  I had to present, then rush to the airport.

I’m back home for a few days, but have some domestic travel next week.  My training event from 16 to 20 March will most likely have a Twitter event attached.  We are also planning on videotaping the event.  If you are interested in a DVD copy, let me know.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.


David Watson
Irving, TX

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  1. Very interested in a “video” of this event. Wouldn’t have to be DVD. In fact, would prefer a downloadable movie format, direct to computer, if that was available. Happy to pay, of course, either way.
    Jef Linscott

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