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A Downloads menu item has been added at the top of this page.   If you are a registered user you can now download my training and support materials related to Church Planting and Church Planting Movements, as well as curricula.  It will take some time to get all the files uploaded, but we will be adding documents on a regular basis.

These files are provided free of charge as long as you don’t sell them to others and as long as you cite the source of the information.  The purpose of citing sources is to give the source an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings that may arrise from the use of the material, and to give credit to the source of the material.  If you share the materials with others it is expected that the same rules will apply.  All materials originated with me (David L. Watson) unless otherwise noted.  Some of the materials were jointly developed within organizational relationships.  These relationships will also be noted.  I certainly owe a lot of people who have spoken into my life through education, mentoring, and conversations.  They have spurred my thinking, and some of their raw concepts may be included in these materials.  I have made every attempt to cite any contribution I am aware of, but I am sure I have missed some along the way. 

If you think I have in any way impinged on another’s materials, or your materials, please send a note to me via the Contact menu item above.  I would be happy to discuss it with you.  I have trained tens of thousands of people over that past twenty years, and I have given my materials to them freely.  Some of them have incorporated my materials into their own training without citing their source.  This leads to misunderstandings regarding the original source of the material.  So, before you make any accusations regarding the materials posted here, I would really appreciate it if you would talk to me first. 

The intent of sharing these files is to benefit Kingdom work.  My only desire is to see the Kingdom of God recognized in every community on our planet.  To this end I have dedicated my life.  I hope you will join me.



David Watson

Irving, TX

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