From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List

From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List

Many of you have been asking for the From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List.  Here it is.




David Watson

Irving Texas

Genesis 1:1-25

The Creation Story: God Created the World

Genesis 2:4-24

The Creation Story: The Creation of Man

Genesis 3:1-13

The Fall: The First Sin and Judgment

Genesis 3:14-24

The Fall: Judgment of a Sinful World

Genesis 6:1-9:17

The Fall: The Flood

Genesis 12:1-8, 15:1-6

Redemption: God’s Promise to Abram

Genesis 22:1-19

Redemption: Abraham offers Isaac as a Sacrifice

Exodus 12:1-28

Redemption: The Promise of Passover

Exodus 20:1-21

Redemption: The Ten Commandments

Leviticus 4:1-35

Redemption: The Sacrificial System

Isaiah 53

Redemption: Isaiah Foreshadows the Coming Promise

Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20

Redemption: The Birth of Jesus

Matthew 3; John 1:29-34

Redemption: Jesus is Baptized

Matthew 4:1-11

Redemption: The Temptation of Christ

John 3:1-21

Redemption: Jesus and Nicodemus

John 4:1-26, 39-42

Redemption: Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Luke 5:17-26

Redemption: Jesus Forgives and Heals

Mark 4:35-41

Redemption: Jesus Calms the Storm

Mark 5:1-20

Redemption: Jesus Casts Out Evil Spirits

John 11:1-44

Redemption: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

Matthew 26:26-30

Redemption: The First Lord’s Supper

John 18:1-19:16

Redemption: Jesus is Betrayed and Condemned

Luke 23:32-56

Redemption: Jesus is Crucified

Luke 24:1-35

Redemption: Jesus Conquers Death

Luke 24:36-53

Redemption: Jesus Appears and Ascends

John 3:1-21

Redemption: We Have a Choice


32 Replies to “From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List”

  1. I was wondering if there are a list of questions to go with the Discovery Bible Study reference list.
    I’d definitely like to get an idea of what kind of questions you ask.


      1. David, I looked at the downloads on the blog, but I don’t see a list of Bible studies that are appropriate to do once a group has done the Genesis one. Our group has done that and we are working through the Bible using the Discovery Method. My husband and I recently attended a weekend training with your son Paul. He mentioned there is a list of topics to cover.

        We have become a home church at this point.

        1. There a number of Scripture lists in my Blog articles. See:
          Guest Post – Small Groups that have the DNA of a Gospel Planting Movement
          Community of Believers – What does Scripture Say?
          Church Planting Essentials – Living in Community as the Body of Christ
          Core Value – Prayer (DBS Scripture List)
          Obedience Based Discipleship

          The one in Downloads is Discovering Obedience Based Discipleship.



  2. I read about the DBS in Missions Frontier and am excited you made it available to download. Thanks! I was a bit confused by your warning not to use the material as a workbook. What exactly did you mean by that? My intentions would be to read through the material and use it (using only a pen and paper as you suggested) with my neighbor lady who says she is a Christian but does not go to church. I have many friends who who have friends like this and would like to share this material with them as well. They are Christians but stay away from church. I guess you could make the statement that they are not Christian because they don’t attend church and aren’t submitted to other believers or even God in doing so. However, I see the community they have and how they care for others around them and I wonder if they live more like Jesus than those of us who go to church every Sunday.

    1. The material is designed for a person to use it as a guide for Disciple Making using Scripture only. If you hand the materials to someone as a workbook and tell them to do it, this is not Disciple Making, because you have removed your relationship with the person from the equation. This is about you interacting in real life using Scripture to help another person learn how to interact in real life using Scripture. As they fall in love with Jesus, and obedience to the Word becomes a normal part of their lives, the relationship deepens and the Disciple Maker matures more than the one he or she is discipling. This is one of the paradoxes of Christianity. One cannot become a disciple without making disciples. One cannot grow in faith without helping others to grow in faith. One cannot live in obedience without exhorting, encouraging, and equipping others to be obedient. This is not an academic process. It’s a life on lives process. Disciple Making is not a task, it’s a lifestyle.


      David Watson
      Irving Texas

  3. Hi, David,
    I am hoping to use this method and material some time in Tanzania where we live and work as missionaries. I trust we have permission to use this, as were directed to this method by a fellow missionary working in Kenya. Thanks for sharing.
    In Christ,

    1. You may use any of our materials as long as you cite them and do not sell them. If you don’t cite and/or if you sell the information without permission from Cityteam International, there may be legal consequences. Our publisher, Thomas Nelson, is very vigilant.

  4. I have tried repeatedly to register for the blog, but have never received a password, and so I don’t know what to do now.

  5. Hello,
    I am wondering if you have set up a series of other scriptures to use for a 5-6 week bible study with a group of ladies using the Discovery Bible Study method? We have done all the ones already programed and just wondered if anyone has created more series?

    Thank you

    1. Mostly, when groups want to look at specific topics, they will go to chain reference Bibles or topical Bibles to develop the Scripture set that is most useful to them. I can certainly put out a request for lists that others have developed, but my experience is that few, if any, will respond. A good source for women’s topics is Felicity Dale. You can find a lot of resources at www.

      Please let me know if I can be of further service.


      David Watson

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