Travel Notification – Rwanda

Travel Notification – Rwanda

I leave on 14 August for Rwanda to conduct a series of training events for new church planters and experienced church planters from 18 African nations.  I will be back in my office on 3 September.  Please be in prayer for the travel of the more than 110 participants.  Many are traveling through dangerous places and by unsafe modes of travel.  Please be in prayer for my travel and health.  Please pray that God will be honored through these events, and that the unreached peoples of the world will be served as a result of these events.


David Watson
Irving, Texas

4 Replies to “Travel Notification – Rwanda”

  1. we will be praying for you your safety and health even myself I will attend that conference .I am from Dr Congo alongside with my two fellows pastors who will be coming also, so we need to pray for one another as God will guide, bless and protect us. we have many expectations from that CPM workshop in Rwanda. we are excited to learn more about chuch planting as we want to reach the unreached in our area and plant churches….
    May God bless you
    until we meet
    Pastor KM Guillaume

  2. Praying for you David along with all of the leaders who will attending! I know the Holy Spirit is going to display the Glory of the Lord during these days!
    My son Calen gets married tomorrow the 15th and I am getting a new knee on the 18th. Ready for more steel!

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