The Odyssey – NewGenerations International Newsletter

The Odyssey – NewGenerations International Newsletter

Many who read TouchPoint may not be aware that I am the Vice President for Global Church Planting, CityTeam Ministries, San Jose, California.  My responsibilities include developing the church planting strategies for CityTeam Ministries and our partners.  The international division of CityTeam is called NewGenerations International.  Much of what I do overseas is in relationship to NewGenerations and our overseas partners.

The Vice President for International Ministries is Harry Brown.  Harry has served with CityTeam Ministries for more than 30 years.  I work very closely with Harry.  He’s one of my heroes.  He makes me look good, because he takes care of all the administrative details in our ministry that would drive me nuts.

Harry has been writing up many of the stories from our field work and sharing them in an email newsletter.  I am adding you as an audience to these newsletters by republishing them here.  I will release them under a new category called “The Odyssey”.  Please feel free to share these with anyone in any format.  These stories have been closely edited for security concerns, and we are confident that no harm will come to anyone as a result of these stories.  So, please enjoy and share “The Odyssey”.


David Watson
Irving, Texas
“A long series of wanderings or adventures filled with notable experiences”

The Scripturodyssey-photo_1e says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8.) When He walked upon the earth, Jesus often healed the sick not only as an act of compassion but as a way to launch the discussion about eternal life with those who looked on. Here is a story from our West Africa Director demonstrating once again that the Good News is something you can feel not just something you hear.

Within the last three months, one of our church planters approached one of the largest, but hardest to reach, people groups in a West Africa.  He went to the community serving as a health and sanitation specialist as a way to build relationships and gain access into the community. During the course of his work he was looking for a person of peace (someone God had prepared to welcome the Gospel into the community.) One day, before he found that person, a woman in the community became very sick. The church planter suspected it had to do with demonic influences. The Muslim leaders and the “community healer” used traditional Islamic rituals to attempt to heal the woman. When she continued to be seriously ill the church planter publicly shared that he would like pray to the Creator God for deliverance of the woman.

The village elders said that if that prayer worked then they would want to learn more about the Creator God. After he prayed the woman experienced a dramatic deliverance, regaining consciousness and good health. As a result the chief gave the community worker a place to share his stories about God and disciple people in how to live their lives in obedience to God. Forty-Seven villagers have now become Christ Followers, and their new church operates under the blessing of the local authorities.

God is still in the miracle-working business! I hope this story reignites your faith that God can do more than you imagine.

harry-brown_2 Blessings,      

Harry Brown

Cell: 408-529-6248
Work: 408-232-5602


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