World Missions & Evangelism, Inc.

World Missions & Evangelism, Inc.

I would like to introduce you to World Missions & Evangelism, Inc.  David Parish is the president of this Tennessee based missions organization.  Several years ago David attended one of our USA training events.  Later he invited me to come to his church and do a training event for his team and others.  Last year, about this time, my team joined his team in Central America to do more training and evaluate the progress of his team.  They made some of the changes we recommended, and have seen a tremendous jump in church planting.

David, and his teams, are convinced that what we train makes a difference in quality and quantity of Disciples and Disciple Makers which results in lots of church planting.  David’s last few posts have been insightful.  I encourage you to take a look at his website and read his blog posts.  The three that I find especially enlightening are:

Hear, Understand, and Obey

Hear, Understand and Obey: How the Three Column Bible Study Works

A Vision to Make Disciples

Please feel free to contact David and his team via their website.  These are men and women of God who love the Lord and love the lost.


David Watson
Irving, Texas

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  1. David,____I would like to know when is the time for the missionary/church planter to transition away from the church that he initiated with the help of the man of peace, and then continued to support through his work with the man of peace. What relationship, if any, should he maintain with such a church and with the man of peace?


    1. The relationship between church planter coach and the local leader is long term, at least 2 years. I recommend that you see each other weekly to discuss how things are going, and to introduce new leadership material from Scripture every week. You will want to meet the people he or she is mentoring, and bring into fellowship all leaders who relate to you and each other. If you have begun the relationship on the right foot, then there really is not a transition. From the beginning you were a coach, and never a player. This is one of the most common mistakes I see. Church Planter coaches to do everything and then try to turn it over to the local leader. There should never be a turning over, only a beginning with the local leader who does everything as the church planter coaches him or her.


      David Watson
      from Cairo, Egypt

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