Verge 2010

Verge 2010

Last week I had the honor of attending and addressing the Verge 2010 Conference (#Verge10) in Austin, TX.  Much thanks to Austin Stone Community Church for making this event happen.  There were 2000+ participants who came together to learn about and think through Missional Church and the DNA of Gospel Movements.

I was privileged to address the whole conference on the topics of the Counter Intuitives of Gospel Movements (see CPM Awareness Video #1.  Counter Intuitives begin at about the 30 minute mark in the video.) and the Gospel Planting Strategy Requirements to Reach the Complex Structures of Society.  In addition to these I led three breakout sessions on on Gospel Planting and the Critical Elements of Gospel Planting (See CPM Awareness Video #3).

Following are my Take-Aways from the Verge 2010 Conference:

  • God is working in every denomination and independent church movement to bring about obedience to His Gospel in such a way that individuals, families, and communities are obedient to His Word, and  involved in missional ministries to reach our nation and world for Christ and bring transformation to individuals, families, and communities.
  • There are significant leaders who are willing to risk being obedient to the Word of God so that the Gospel penetrates every segment of every town, city, and nation.  This risk has cost them friends, leadership positions, status, church members, and more.
  • Being missional and deeply involved in Gospel Planting is not optional, but central to what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • As we are wounded by family, friends, and our churches during our efforts to lead them to engage obedient missional living, we need to forgive those who hurt us, betray us, and turn their backs on the demands of the Gospel.  We cannot expect to be treated well by the world or accepted by the status quo in our churches.
  • There are some great young leaders emerging.
  • Find the count-down clock before you start speaking.

You can check the Verge 2010 website for video downloads of the main conference.  I believe there are also some audio and video downloads of some of the breakout sessions.  My breakout sessions were not recorded.

Thanks to all the people behind the scenes who make Verge 2010 a great conference.  And a personal thanks to Clay, my personal shadow, who got me everywhere on time, found food and cokes when I needed (wanted?) them, and was a joy to get to know.


David Watson
Irving, Texas

5 Replies to “Verge 2010”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, David. It was a pleasure to serve you over the duration of the conference. I feel confident my time with you will bear much fruit in the way of righteousness. You can join me in praying that at least. Thanks for coming to Verge!

  2. I signed up for the conference but had to miss it due to something last minute. Your talks were what I wanted to hear, so thanks for making them available online. Blessings in your work!

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