DNA of Groups That Become Church

DNA of Groups That Become Church

One of the most common problems I find when people tell me that Gospel Planting Movements don’t work, and they let me analyze what they are doing, is a failure to establish the DNA of a church early in the Gospel Planting process.  Paul Watson has captured my training in this area with his new blog post Small Groups that have the DNA of a Gospel Planting Movement.  You will want to subscribe to Paul’s blog to get the full benefit of his experience and thinking.


David Watson

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    1. Gospel Planting Movement is not really a new term. It is a term we are trying to use more often. Our basic philosophy is to plant the Gospel and allow the church to develope naturally out of a group’s obedience to the Word of God. In this way we limit cultural transmission and permit various peoples to interact more with God than with our Christianized culture. Our job is to transmit the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not church according to me.


      David Watson,
      From Cairo, Egypt

      1. amen to this David. We worked in Moldova with World Team with this very thought in mind. Now we are in Great Commission Church Association in America that has the same vision–The Gospel message must first be shared in order to minister to the church as a whole. Small home groups are essential.

  1. Thanks David for the great reference to Paul's blog. We are just beginning to gather so a replicating yet simple DNA is critical. I had been thinking in terms of "silos" or reaching families/affinity groups. Are you hearing of the Small Group DNA mentioned in the article developing in Small Groups in suburban USA context?
    Grace & Peace,
    Mike Hoffmann, Melbourne, FL

    1. Hi, Mike. We are on the cusp of seeing this happen in the US and other Western countries. We are learning a lot, but the principles remain the same. Since Western society does not have strong community, we are modifying our leadership approaches – trying out a lot of different stuff. Also, the “expert” roles of Western Civ provide some challenges. We always want the expert to advise or repair. In our church planting process there is no expert, so some have problems moving forward without an expert. We are learning how to work around this, and as we learn we will become more effective.


      David Watson
      from Egypt

      1. In non western cultures would you say that they tend to naturally esteem someone based on their wisdom/experience, while in our culture one almost needs a univ. degree to be considered of value, even in the context of church?

        1. Hi, Val. One of the distinctives of Western culture is the expert class. When our cars are broken, we take them to an expert for repair. When we are sick, we see an expert for medical attention. This expert class has become normal for Western culture, so even in spiritual matters we expect experts to tell us what to do or what the state our relationship with God is.

          This is contrary to what Scripture tells us. All who related to God through faith in Christ are a royal priesthood. We need no experts to tell us how to relate to God, or to pray for us, or do anything else spiritual. But the fact remains, Western culture members look for experts to lead them spiritually.

          If we are going to see significant church planting in the West, we will need strategies that will address the need of Western culture members to have experts lead them. This will be a challenge. But, I think we can lead people to depend on God though His Holy Spirit as they learn from His Word.


          David Watson
          Irving, Texas

          1. We have never wanted to buy into this Western ideal, even tho at times it seemed like it might give us more credibility. But over and over I think of the book of Acts, where they were ignorant and unlearned men but people could see that they had been with Jesus because of the way they spoke (w/o credentials, of course!). But sometimes you can't even get a hearing w/o a degree of some kind or some kind of badge of approval. Of course that doesn't matter that much when trying to reach neighbours or friends so that works! It can be a bit of a quandary…and some of us may be led of God to go that route so we can get into touch with those types, We have never felt the go ahead yet!

  2. David and Val
    in my experience, the expert position is also defensive as it allows the person to off set their reluctance to engage with God by blaming the expert or not accepting them or their message. I like the walk through the bible approach and it should be with a man of peace (lk10) as if they aren’t then they won’t walk but look for exits. we need to keep looking for the man of peace and listening to God step by step. as many in the western church don’t do that they get bruised as they deal with people who aren’t men of peace and want to know God.

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