A Glimpse into Our Family Life

A Glimpse into Our Family Life

A Glimpse into Our Family Life

Next month my elder son, Paul, and his bride, Christi, celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary.  Each year I review my commitment to them.  I thought you might be interested in the covenant we made.  The following includes Paul and Christi’s covenant with each other, the parents’ covenant with Paul and Christi, and the community’s (family and friends) covenant with Paul and Christi.


David Watson
Irving, Texas


A Marriage Covenant Made Before God


Paul David Watson and Christi Sheree Gilliland, Their Families, and Their Community

Paul and Christi:

We pledge to love one another always, and to seek happiness in our marriage according to Biblical principles.

We pledge to always work on our marriage relationship regardless of circumstances, and when needed, to find others to help us grow in our marriage.

We pledge that our commitment to one another is life-long, and divorce will never be considered.

We pledge to establish our home on Biblical principles and to always be active members of a New Testament Church. 

We pledge to love and raise any children God may bless us with according to Biblical principles and as active members of a New Testament Church.

We pledge to always be supportive of one another and to speak kindly and positively about one another.

We pledge to be faithful to one another in all areas of our lives.

We pledge to be Christ-like in our actions and attitudes toward one another.

We pledge to be good stewards of the finances and material possessions God provides.

We pledge that our relationship, our home, and our ministries will be examples to the community of what it means to be a Christian couple united in Christian marriage.

We pledge to follow God’s call in our marriage wherever it may lead.

Parents of Paul and Christi:

We pledge our continuing love, support and devotion to Paul and Christi. 

We pledge to joyfully and faithfully pray for Paul and Christi, and the ministry plans God has for them. 

We pledge to equally receive the one who is not our child into our families as our own children. 

We pledge to grant Paul and Christi the freedom to form a new family and to establish their own family traditions.

We promise to be quick to listen and slow to speak.

We promise to be positive in our attitudes and words regarding our child’s spouse.

We promise to be loving and impartial grandparents when Paul and Christi are blessed with children.

Family and Friends of Paul and Christi:

We pledge to love, support and encourage Paul and Christi in their marriage as they establish a Christian home.

We pledge to pray regularly for Paul and Christi, and the children with whom God may bless them.

We pledge to be loving family and friends in all situations and circumstances.

We pledge to be supportive of Paul and Christi in any ministry to which God calls them.

We pledge to stay involved in Paul and Christi’s lives to the extent time and distance allow.

We pledge to accept into our relationships the one we did not know before the wedding.

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