The Odyssey – New Generations International Newsletter – September 2010

The Odyssey – New Generations International Newsletter – September 2010

This amazing story happened just a few weeks ago in Southeast Asia – overwhelming proof that God is still in the business of performing miracles.

Two weeks ago a woman named Marice returned home after attending her small group.  Her husband became irate when he learned where she had been. He took up a machete and came at her to kill her. As the machete was heading towards her head, in defense she raised her arm. The blade went through her arm severing the bone in two, but leaving the arm still partially attached.  The women from her cell group came quickly and rushed her to the local hospital which of course couldn’t handle this situation and sent her on to the provincial hospital in a nearby city. The doctor declared that he would have to amputate what was left of the arm, but didn’t want to operate until Marice stabilized. Over the next two days 5 liters of blood was donated to replace all she’d lost and the women prayed round the clock in her hospital room.
She stabilized and on the third day the doctor had her brought into the operating room for the amputation. After a few moments, the doctor came out of the operating room looking for the women who had been watching over Marice in her hospital room. “What did you do to Marice? Did you take her to another hospital?” he asked. The women replied, “We were just in her room praying around her bed.”  He then explained that the bone was back together and there was no need for an operation, the x-rays verified his findings. She was wheeled back to her room. The entire hospital came “alive” with the news of this miracle. When I arrived the next day, every receptionist, nurse and doctor could point me to Marice’s room – they all knew what had happened. As I entered her room, I saw Marice there sitting up in bed singing to the Lord and smiling. Her arm was still dressed with bandages, but I quickly noticed all of her fingers with moving.
When we see miracles happening in the New Testament, it’s nearly always so that people will come to faith in Jesus. Our church is a buzz right now with the knowledge that God is visiting us for the purpose of many people in our city coming to know the Savior. This is not a “one off” miracle and it’s not the last. We really sense God is on the move here and it’s just the beginning.
*Names have been changed for security reasons.
Isn’t it amazing to see God on the move!  Keep praying for more!

Harry Brown

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  1. Wow! Praise God!!! Yes, God is still in the miracle working business, the same, yesterday, today and forever! What a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing of the many who will come to Christ as the result of this miracle!

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