The Odyssey – New Generations International Newsletter – November 2010

Paul said in Corinthians, “My message was not with persuasive words, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power, that your faith should not rest on the wisdom of men but on the power of God.” (I Cor. 2:4-5) 
Our team recently conducted about 120 interviews in countries in West and Central Africa to certify what God was doing and to get first-hand accounts of what was making it happen.  To everyone’s amazement, they found that 70-80% of the time, some form of miracle (dreams, visions, healing, deliverance from demons, etc.) was used to launch the church planting process. The story below illustrates God’s amazing power!
From our director in West Africa:

I am Haji. I am 53 years old living with my family in Western Africa. Almost a year ago I had to drive away my second eldest son because he became a Christian. I threw him out of my family because I felt that denying the Muslim faith and becoming a Christian is the worst anyone can ever do, especially the son of a renowned Muslim in our community. People who even try to tell me about Christ become my archenemies and are targeted in the community.
One day I became deathly ill. I called my wives and elder sons and began to share my properties amongst them. While I remained helpless, after every medical treatment and all the sacrifices recommended through divinations, my son Mohamed heard about my illness and came with two people who were pastors. Though I earlier rejected them, when they prayed for me in the name of Jesus, I was raised from the illness within 3 days. Now I stand healthy and strong, Jesus has taken death away from me. Since then they told me the story of Jesus and I gave my life to Him. I am now supporting my son in his theological training to become a pastor.

Shame on me (us?) for being surprised that the God of the Bible is still writing His story with demonstrations of power!

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