Loving Our Neighbors in North Sudan

Loving Our Neighbors in North Sudan

Cityteam International has been working with partners in Sudan for the last 8 years. Sudan is geographically the largest country in the East/Horn of Africa, with a population of 43 million. Sudan has the largest number of unreached people groups in Africa. Recently, Sudan has split into North and South Sudan, with the North being radically Islamic. As the Lord leads and we follow His command to make disciples in all nations, we will soon be concentrating on several new unreached people groups in the country of North Sudan.


The following was received from our church leader that will be overseeing the Disciple Making Movements in North Sudan.


map of SudanSudanese law prohibits missionaries from evangelizing and converting from Islam to other religions and is punishable by imprisonment or death. Christians are facing growing threats from both Muslim communities and Islamist government officials who have long wanted to rid Sudan of Christianity. Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has warned, “We are an Islamic nation with Sharia (Islamic law) as the basis of our constitution, we will base our constitution on Islamic laws.”


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We have seen 100’s of churches planted and thousands of disciples raised. The situation is growing more difficult as the government is tightening its laws on so called ‘foreign’ religions like Christianity. Since many Christians have been forced to leave, we have very few leaders and most of the believers are operating under-ground.


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But God is still working! One elder/leader that the Lord has been working through is a man we will call Abit. Abit has access to some top political leaders in the Islamic regime in Sudan. Even though Abit himself is uneducated, he is able to teach university students about the Bible and prayer.
In one region, Elder Abit was able to distribute 750 Bibles within a three-month period. This is exciting news! We pray that as we move into new regions of North Sudan, that the Lord will give protection to those like Abit that are sharing the Good News, starting Discovery Bible Studies and planting new churches.

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