The Odyssey – October 2013

The Odyssey – October 2013


West Bengal, India is only 6/10ths of 1{846ad05382285a8c201e50da365aa81ffc9921be1516c71f30ae0360243f0c8d} Christian. We have experienced strong resistance for a long time, but by God’s grace we are starting to see the early effects of a Disciple Making Movement that focuses on obedience and multiplication. The following story comes from our regional leader in India.

Kavitha* attended a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training just a few months ago and was so excited, she went straight home and started a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in her house. From that study, two people went out and started two more Discovery Bible Studies. Then a person from one of the new studies went out and started another one. That’s a third-generation Bible study in an unreached Bengali People Group — in six months!


Kavitha came again in May to a quarterly evaluation and recharge meeting. She was encouraged to bring one or two of her “first fruit” leaders to the next meeting in August. After a stormy week, she was taking the bus to come to her third training bringing 2 new believers who facilitate 2 of the new Discovery Bible Studies along with her.


They arrived at the station early in the morning for a 6 hour bus ride on the day of the training, only to find that the bus was cancelled due to a breakdown. Not to be dissuaded, Kavitha and her friends waited for another bus, knowing they would miss half the first day. Finally, they headed out. Roads were in bad shape because of the heavy rains, and halfway through the trip, the bus got stuck in a major traffic jam. In all, the trip took 30 hours.


They arrived just 1 hour before the very end of the 2-day training. Kavitha pleaded with us to extend the meeting another day. So the next morning, we did a Discovery Bible Study together from Revelation 7. This is where a countless number of people from every nation, tribe, and language stand before the throne proclaiming together, “Salvation belongs to our God, and to the Lamb who sits on the throne!”


I asked Kavitha, “What would you like to do this week as a response to this story?”
Kavitha answered right away, “I want to share this news immediately with all my neighbors, because salvation belongs to Jesus Christ and everyone is invited to be there!”


We are excited to see how the Disciple Making process is impacting this region! When Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples in all nations” He was talking to a group of individuals, not to a church or missions organization. The basic message is that this command is for everyone and that just 1 person can make a major difference…no degree needed, just an obedient heart.


*name has been changed for security reasons


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