The Odyssey – Wheels of Hope

The Odyssey – Wheels of Hope

Dear David,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, it’s hard to believe Christmas is just 21 days away. Here at Cityteam International we are busy training local leaders to launch and sustain Disciple Making Movements. The idea of a “movement” is a chain reaction of disciples making disciples that ultimately leads to churches planting other churches. I am continually amazed at how God uses simple tools and ordinary people to launch these movements.

In many cases the key elements are a trained Disciple Making Coach, a Bicycle and a Bible. You may be wondering why a Bicycle is so important? It’s because our dedicated Disciple Making Coaches are currently taking on difficult, dirt roads on foot, leaving their family for weeks at a time as they journey to unreached villages.

Below are 2 inspiring stories that highlight how local leaders used Bicycles and Bibles to make a significant impact for the Kingdom of God.

A Miracle for Samuel’s Baby

MiracleSamuel* and his family experienced a miracle because a Disciple Making Coach traveled a great distance on his bicycle to visit their village and share stories from his Bible.

“I was going to lose everything. My wife was about to have our baby and things weren’t going well. It was clear that both her life and my child’s life were in danger.

Everyone in the village thought that both of them would surely die because I did not have enough money for a doctor. I started searching for someone who would buy my goat. The goat was my only source of income, but I needed the money to pay for my wife to be transported to the hospital. Then I remembered there was a man who was visiting my village who talked about a powerful God. I had never heard such teachings before; he spoke about the love of God. I believed that his God could heal my wife, so I found the man and he agreed to come and pray for her. After almost an hour of prayer, my wife safely delivered our child.

I thank God for sending the Disciple Making Coach to our village to help us discover the truth of the Bible. Now I know the power of the one true God. My life is changed forever. I have hope. My family now serves the Lord and we are making disciples in our community. I am so grateful for the Disciple Making Coach who has visited us multiple times since the birth of our baby to train us and share God’s word with our village.”

– Samuel

Expanding the Kingdom
Abebe* serves as one of our Disciple Making Coaches in Ethiopia. He faithfully travels to the most remote areas of the Rift valley to train and coach local leaders. Day after day Abebe takes on the treacherous dirt roads, with his Bible in hand, traveling up to 300 kilometers between villages.

Many Muslims have come to Christ in the villages he has visited and many churches have been planted. Before he received a bike from Cityteam International it was impossible for him to reach even the closest neighboring village because of the vast distance. Now his ministry area has more then tripled!

” My bike is essential to the disciple making process. I give thanks to God for it daily”



God is moving in power and He is using simple tools in the process. If you want to help get the message of hope down a new dirt road check out our Wheels of Hope campaign this Christmas.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and partnership.WheelsOfHope


Harry Brown
Office: 408-232-5602

*names have been changed for security reasons

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